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One of the greatest weapons we have in life is our mind. From the way we respond to the way that we feel, our thoughts can literally make or break us. For something to have such a dynamic power, what if we could realize how to use it to birth miracles? What if we could unlock the manifestation of the miraculous by simply shifting our thoughts?


Come along and take a journey, learning how to do just that. From breaking bad habits to implementing new and healthy ones, this book was designed to nudge you towards a place of using the power of your mind. It's true that what we think, we become. Allow Rahul Sharma to help you become the healthier, more dedicated, more disciplined version of yourself.


This book is a life changer for anyone that has a passion for being successful in life. It teaches us how to build our dreams, heal ourselves and others, become more self-aware, and live in balance and true happiness through the law of attraction. You are the founder of your life and have immense power to lead a positive life.


This book will give you a different perspective and make you aware of things you need to know to take action consistently and lead a successful life. This book titled BE ACTION ORIENTED by Rahul Karan Sharma introduces the key elements of life that will get you to your goals and achieve your dreams. Stay Positive and spread positivity.



Are you looking for support with any or many of the following?

  • Your Business / Making Money / Changing Career

  • Life Transition / Health & Healing / Better Habits

  • Your Soul Purpose / Publicity / Content Marketing

  • Limiting Beliefs / Outsourcing to a Team/ Sales

  • Building Wealth / Money Mindset / More Success

If so, then you want to pick this book up and read it - it will help you!

The 11 authors in this book have experiences and knowledge that can help you jumpstart just about any area of your life, health and business or career. If you find yourself a little stuck somewhere, this book will help you take that next step you need to take now to move closer to your goals.

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