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Rahul Karan

Transformational Speaker, Author, and Leadership Coach with over 20 years of experience in Corporate America. With a passion for inspiring others, he empowers individuals and teams to strive for excellence and achieve high-performance results



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Rahul  Karan  Sharma

"Accountability is the key to drive personal growth and achieve greatness." - Stephen R. Covey

One of the key elements to create your own miracles is to be accountable for our actions. A simple tool like an Accountability Workbook can help structure your transformational  journey. Get your free copy of this tool below.  

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One of the greatest weapons we have in life is our mind. From the way we respond to the way that we feel, our thoughts can literally make or break us. For something to have such a dynamic power, what if we could realize how to use it to birth miracles? What if we could unlock the manifestation of the miraculous by simply shifting our thoughts?


Come along and take a journey, learning how to do just that. From breaking bad habits to implementing new and healthy ones, this book was designed to nudge you towards a place of using the power of your mind. It's true that what we think, we become. Allow Rahul Sharma to help you become the healthier, more dedicated, more disciplined version of yourself.

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As it happens with any process - there's good news and bad news. I will start with the bad - I have no answers for you. The good news, therefore, is this - The answers are already there, lying within yourself. 


A more crucial question for you is - are you willing to do something to change your status quo?


When I say Habits4Miracles - I may come across as someone who believes in miracles. That's not exactly true. What I do believe in, however, is in the power of small habits over time to create transformation. The type of transformation that in many ways is a miracle in itself. 


Follow along with my eight habits I swear by, that can be easily remembered through the spelling of the word 'Miracles'. Lets dig in...  


Eight habits to declutter and find solutions




You can quite literally talk yourself into achieving your goals. Mind talk or self talk is a powerful process of remodeling the brain, steering the mind towards the target.  Cultivate the habit of talking to yourself. Studies have shown people who use their own name during the mind talk process rather than 'I' display higher self-confidence and self-esteem. (Maybe just avoid doing this out loud at meetings).



Through the practice of mind talk, ideas will come. But an idea becomes good upon execution. Take note of your ideas. The more you write down your ideas, the more ideas you’ll have. And the more you act on your ideas, the more will flow your way.


An average human mind thinks about 48 thoughts in a single minute. Ideation is the process of shaping these flurries of thoughts into something we can use. Journaling is planting the seeds of thoughts that later blossom into actions. Trust your Dear Diary for keeping those ideas a secret until you take action. 



What do you want to learn? What do you want to explore?

By investing in reading five pages a day you could expand your knowledge with roughly a book every month. Not only will this help you learn about specific subjects or gain life perspectives, but research shows reading can literally positively change your brain structure. 

Reading is one of the best antidotes we have to the mindless phone scrolling that eats up so much of our time. 



A key step of the idea and execution process is analyzing the results. Not through breaking down a complex database of information, but rather through introspection.

How do we feel about what happened? What would we do again and what would we avoid in future?

Nelson Mandela once said, "I never lose - i either win or learn". Analyzation is taking the time to learn from what we've done. With that kind of approach we can take comfort in the fact that every attempt is a lesson wether it reaches fruition or not. 



I believe we all can agree that panicking rarely improves a situation. Although at times the feeling can feel unavoidable. 

One way to counter panic during tough circumstances is reminding ourselves of when we were faced with similar situations in the past and persevered. It's another form of Mind Talks - when we take a moment to simply tell ourselves

"You got this, (insert your name). You got this.'



Normally when we think of the importance of listening it’s in relation to listening to others - a vital key in communication and in resolving conflicts.


But do you ever listen to yourself?


That gut feeling we are all bestowed with is incredibly powerful. It can be easy to forget we are our own best advisors. So I encourage you when tasked with making a decision to take a moment and listen to your own mind. After all, there’s no other human on the planet we’ll spend more time with than ourselves.


So let’s listen.



I want to emphasize again the importance of thinking small. This is not about changing our entire schedules, signing up for a marathon or cranking out bench presses in the gym. 

Dedicating five minutes - stretching, jump jacks, a brisk walk, anything - is a relatively easy way to begin our days with positivity. you'll never regret the time, no matter how short, you give to a form of exercise. 



We are surrounded by noise. Both the physical kind, such as traffic and the seemingly constant dinging of phones, but also the noise in our own minds. The human brain processes about 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts every day - that's an awful lot of noise. 

Allowing for five minutes a day (you may notice a pattern emerging) of uninterrupted silence can have profound effects on our mental and physical health. It gives us the opportunity to reflect. helping fight against our bodies' response to stress. 

Through connecting with ourselves in this quiet way, we can better connect with the world around us. 


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